Nordic private equity firms pursue cyber security acquisitions [buyout/ takeover]

Nordic private equity groups are investing in cyber security companies amid growing demand for specialist services to protect critical IT infrastructure

 ncreasing interest in the security sector from Nordic private equity firms is a reflection of growing threats and increasing enterprise security budgets

Among the most striking investment deals are Helsinki-based CapMan Buyout’s acquisition of Netox and Adelis Equity Partners’ divestment of its 70% interest in Knightec to Stockholm-headquartered private equity group Ratos.

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The Ratos acquisition of Sweden-based Knightec is also further evidence of how Nordic private equity firms are assembling deals and valuing target companies in the digital transformation and cyber security sphere.

They are displaying highest interest in firms with operating project-based business models coupled with a focused growth strategy linked to cloud connectivity and cyber security.

Demand, combined with broader budgeting provisions for cyber security solutions and services by public and private organisations, has not gone unnoticed by Nordic private equity groups.

Many have this year been busily engaged in scouting acquisition opportunities and adding IT cyber security firms to their technology portfolios.

Source: Computer Weekly

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